Our plans were set up in a way to satisfy the needs of all our customers from small family businesses to large enterprises. For all of our plans we offer a one month free trial period, in which you can test the benefits of our production controlling system without any risk or investment. For the free trial period we do not request any payment or credit card information, you can start using it anytime and without any obligation.

  • Monthly fee (EUR)
  • No. of employees
  • No. of users included
  • Additional users (EUR/month)


  • 99 /month
  • No. of employees20
  • No. of users included 1
  • Additional users (EUR/month) 29

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  • 249 /month
  • No. of employees 100
  • No. of users included 3
  • Additional users (EUR/month) 19Additional users (EUR/month)

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  • 399 /month
  • No. of employees 300
  • No. of users included 6
  • Additional users (EUR/month) 10

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  • 499 /month
  • No. of employees 500
  • No. of users included 10
  • Additional users (EUR/month) 10

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