What We Offer

By choosing Kontrollis as your production management system you will benefit from the features that only professional IT systems can provide. Start your Free Trial today to test the impact of all these benefits on your company.

No investments required

You can implement an effective controlling system without any investment. You do not have to invest in servers, network equipments and software; you just have to pay a monthly fee for using it. All you need is a broadband internet connection, a laser printer and a barcode scanner.

You control all the production costs

The system offers precise and detailed information about all the production costs (material and wage) for all the orders and styles. You know exactly how much it costs you to produce a product, what are the estimated and what are the real costs, where are differences and where can you have some savings.

You know the work efficiency of each employee

You know exactly the daily work efficiency of each employee, based on which you can achieve a better organization of the production and you can implement incentive systems that will increase your productivity.

Pay your employees based on their productivity

The system allows you to implement a payroll system based on individual productivity; you pay your employees exactly as much as they work. You know exactly what and how much each employee works and the system also calculates their wages. Linking the salaries directly to the individual productivity is an important motivational factor for the employees and leads to high productivity rate.

Control the quality deficiencies

With the system you can easily identify the persons who make mistakes in the manufacturing process that lead to quality deficiencies. Having this information, you can implement a strict quality control and significantly reduce the costs related to quality defects.

Precalculations and assistance in planning

When you receive an order, the system immediately calculates the expected manufacturing costs, giving you the necessary information for a price calculation. The system also offers important information that can help you in organizing the production more efficiently.

You know what is happening at the factory, wherever you are in the world

All you need is an internet connection, and you know exactly the status of the orders, the daily production and all the important production data.

Our shop floor data collection is based on bar code labels which ensure easy data processing without losses or inaccuracies.

Besides the most important features listed above, you also have a lot of other benefits that only professional ERP (Enterprise resource Planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) systems can provide to you.