Terms and conditions

By using the service provided on the Kontrollis.com website’s (“Service”), provided by G-systems Software Development Ltd. (“G-systems”), you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”).

Use of Your Kontrollis Account

  • You must use a valid email address for your Kontrollis account and for all the users you create.
  • You must not use the Service for any illegal or abusive purposes.
  • You are solely responsible for the security of your account and keeping your password safe.

Payment and Billing

  • You must provide G-systems with accurate billing information and keep this information up to date.
  • By subscribing to the Service you give G-systems the right to bill you for fees connected with the Service such as renewal fees or fees for extra services.
  • The Kontrollis Service is a subscription service. You pay in advance for each billing cycle on the first day of that cycle.
  • Your Kontrollis account will be renewed automatically until you cancel the Service.
  • You are responsible for all charges incurred related to your Kontrollis account, including any applicable taxes or extra service fees.
  • The first 30 days of a new account are free of charge and act as a free trial period. Unless you cancel your account before the billing is processed on the 30th day after signup you will be billed for the first month.

Confidentiality and data protection

  • G-systems shall protect and keep any data, confidential data and information that has come to the knowledge of G-systems in the course of the service supply as well as any documents confidential and G-systems shall make all possible efforts to ensure that such information is protected properly.
  • G-systems and You may only use the confidential information and data for the purpose of the contractual performance and they may only disclose any such information that they have become aware of with the prior written consent of the other party, excepted when the communication of such information is prescribed by law.
  • G-systems agrees that any and all data and information disclosed under these Terms of Service shall be considered as business secret and kept confidential; and none of such data or information may be disclosed to third party or used for any other than the purpose specified in the Terms of Service.
  • The obligation of confidentiality shall continue to be effective during the term of the service and for an indefinite period following its termination for any reason as well.
  • You shall bear full responsibility in respect of the use of any services that may be accessed by your password. You shall be fully responsible for keeping your password confidential.
  • G-systems shall immediately delete Your personal data upon request. If the delete is not requested, G-systems shall store the data for a period of 30 days subsequent to the termination of the contract.

Refund Policy

  • If you wish to ask for a refund or have an invoice cancelled, you need to send an email to G-systems within 7 days of the invoice date. The email needs to be sent from the email you used for creating your Account and has to contain the invoice number of the invoice in question.

Upgrading and Downgrading of Accounts

  • You can at any time upgrade or downgrade to a different Kontrollis account type. The change to your account type will take effect immediately and apply to all future invoices.
  • After an upgrade you will be billed right away for the remaining time until the next renewal (the amount will be reduced with what you have already paid).
  • After a downgrade you will be billed at the next renewal date.

Cancellation and Termination of Service

  • You may at any time cancel your Kontrollis account by informing us about it in an email sent to the following address support@kontrollis.com provided that any past invoices have been paid.
  • Any abuse of the Service will lead to termination of your account. Kontrollis reserves the right to decide what is considered abuse of the Service.

Use of Customer’s Name and Company Name

  • Kontrollis reserves the right to use your name and/or company name as a reference for marketing or promotional purposes on the Kontrollis.com website and other communication with existing or potential Kontrollis customers. To decline Kontrollis this right you need to email support@kontrollis.com stating that you do not wish to be used as a reference.

Changes to Terms of Service

  • These Terms of Service may be updated from time to time without prior notice. The current Terms of Service are always available at http://kontrollis.com/terms.


  • G-systems reserves the right to modify the Service from time to time at any time, including adding and removing features and package types.
  • G-systems reserves the right to discontinue the Service at any time after a 30-day notice via email.
  • G-systems reserves the right to change the prices for the Service and any connected extra services at any time.
  • G-systems gives no warranties regarding the correctness of the data collected with the Service or any potential corruption or loss of such data.

Limitation of Liability

  • You expressly understand and agree that G-systems shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses resulting from: the use or the inability to use the Kontrollis service, unauthorized access to or alteration of your transmissions or data and any other matter relating to the Kontrollis service.
  • In no event shall G-systems’s total liability to you for all damages, losses, and causes of action exceed the amount paid by you in the last three months for accessing this Service.

Privacy policy - The Kontrollis SFC app

  • The app is used exclusively for collecting the production data on the shop floor. It replaces the barcode and paper based data collection with a more modern and real time data collection which provides more accurate information and reporting.
  • The app can be used only with already installed Kontrollis MES, it has no use on its own.
  • The app does not collect any personal data. The camera permission is needed for scanning the QR codes of the bundles in the production.


  • You agree to immediately notify G-systems of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security known to you.
  • If any part of this Terms of Service would be determined by any competent authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable, the remainder of the Terms of Service shall continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.


  • This contract shall be governed by the laws of European Union , Romania.
  • Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with this contract, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall be solved by the Court of Harghita in Romania.